Web Key: Proven to increase conversions. The Webkey works.


What is a webkey?

Our connect-to-web Paper Webkey is new to the US and North America markets. It has proven a very effective marketing tool in Europe and other world markets. It is a Nano-chip embedded into a paper or plastic holder. You plug it into the USB Drive of any computer (Mac or PC) and it instantly takes you to a Marketers desired on-line content… Landing page, video, e-commerce site, product demo, Contest page and more.  There is no typing needed on your part you just plug it in and it takes you where you need to go. It is an effective way to engage current clients or prospects resulting in more conversions. The Webkey is tied to our tracking platform which is available on the backend to help measure your results. The Webkey is a great tool to increase digital interaction!

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