Website Design

It’s bad form to judge a book by its cover -but we just can’t help it! And neither can your potential customers. They’ll have formed a first impression of you the instant they get a glimpse of your website—so what impression is your website making?

designWhen a consumer visits your website for the first time, it’s like a blind date. You have to woo them to get them coming back for more and convert them into a customer. This means finding an appealing design and pairing it with easy functionality, a perfect formula for decreasing website performance anxiety while increasing sales.

The UX and UI must speak to your audience and enable them to transact with you. We’ve seen beautiful websites win awards and fail horribly in converting users to customers. What’s the point?

It’s sad to see a $50 million company spend $50k-$100k on a website and learn that the conversion rate is abysmal. It’s the same old story. Somewhere along the line, those projects ceased to be about the customer and turned inward. Think about this…Craigslist is aesthetically a mess. It’s also in the top 25 sites in the world. Why? Because, it’s simple and aimed at making the user experience easy. “Don’t make them think.” Design and build it so an eighth grader could do business with you.