Digital Direct Mail

Hitting Your Target Market WDDM Pick 4ith Exact Precision

Digital Direct Mail is a new innovative  digital marketing service that allows our clients to place online advertisements directly in front of their target audience on their web browsers at their chosen time. Launching campaigns is quick, easy, and will positively impact your marketing and sales efforts. Our program improves the overall return on investment of your marketing campaign by providing substantially higher revenues and lower incremental costs. We will work with you every step of the way from pre-launch specifications and recommendations to providing results and analytics to ensure satisfaction and a successful campaign!   

How it Works

Driving Direct Mail Online: Our technology targets individual households with your online advertisements by matching the physical mailing address with the corresponding IP address. This allows you to place your ads directly in front of your desired consumer through their web browser with pinpoint accuracy and no waste.

Targeting organizations: Is your business trying to get the attention of students on a college campus? Members of a military base? How about residents at a hotel? Our new digital service can target the network server of these organizations and post your ads in front of the people connected to that network at a given point in time through either a wired or wireless connection. Our program is constantly opening new doors for targeting different organizations so if you have questions about what organizations we can target, we would be more than happy to answer them!

Going Beyond Classic Online Targeting: Our patent pending technology does not rely on zip code areas or cookie-based targeting. Often consumers’ behavior online is different from how they behave in the physical world. Reliance on cookies is a dying trend and one that our digital direct mail program defeats. Additionally, our method is more precise than geo-targeting by zip code. Many of these ads find computers that are not controlled by people. When people do not see your ads this wastes your efforts and money!

What We Can Do For You

Our methods and marketing expertise can help you construct the perfect digital direct mailing plan for your company. We can use it to bolster physical direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, and as a singular direct marketing effort. Exposing your ads directly to your target market will increase the number of landing page visits and conversions. Additionally, all of our campaigns have a simple match back analysis to track who is responding to your ads and converting on your offers.

We understand that this technology is complex and a one page explanation cannot do it justice, so we encourage you to contact us to have a conversation about how this our program can work for you!

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