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Making a Great Video


Video marketing grows every year as more and more video-friendly devices become available. The video medium is a fresh opportunity to interact with your audience and builds a unique rapport. If your video goes viral, the benefits can be virtually limitless. But whether your video is destined for Gangnam Style-level fame, or it is just seen by your key customers, you can’t ignore the value of videos for social media.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind:

1. Don’t be shy— If you are not excited about getting in front of the camera it is easy to put off trying out video. Don’t be shy! Pick a topic you know, make a compelling point and make your first few videos short. It doesn’t have to be perfect or complex to be effective. In fact, the simpler the better.

2. Use the talent you have -– Maybe you are not the ideal person to be in front of the camera. You never know who would be the best person to represent your company. It is not necessarily your marketing people or even your CEO. Give several people a chance, experiment with personalities and you might be surprised who is the perfect cheerleader(s) for your brand.

3. Consistent publishing –- Develop a realistic schedule and stick to it. Don’t fret about the quality of your camera or your editing capabilities. The more natural your videos are the more likely they are to connect with people. Start with short, easy videos and produce them on a regular basis. As you get more comfortable with the medium and your content, your videos will likely evolve all on their own.

4. Make sure your videos can be found—SEO is the key! It is essential to understand from the beginning of the process just how to make sure your video will be seen. Use all the opportunities you have to describe or tag your video. Use keyword rich titles and subtitles. This will help the search engines to identify your content. Always provide links back to your site or a call to action to help create traffic.  Optimize all the verbiage surrounding or linking to your video. You don’t want all your hard work to go unseen!

With a small investment of time you can reap big rewards if your videos are done right. We can help! Contact us to learn more.

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Inbound Marketing: Attracting Customers

Everyone wants to increase traffic and convert leads, right? Inbound marketing brings in qualified leads from all stages of the buying cycle. How can you accomplish this “marketing with a magnet?” Check out this infographic about the ins and outs of Inbound Marketing created by our partners at Katalistik.

The Power of Facebook Conversion Tracking

bigstock-Close-up-of-business-document--34526261Conversion tracking for a limited number of Facebook advertisers was introduced last year, and now it is fully available for all advertisers. This feature has some incredible value with a reduction of the cost of conversion by 40% compared to traditional CPC.

Using the Conversion Measurement feature, the actions taken off of Facebook can be tracked back to your Facebook ad. This is yet another tool in the digital marketing toolbox that Bann uses to bring you success. The ability to target qualified leads with feedback on exactly what is producing the most benefit for you allows us to maximize time and money. This new Facebook feature gives you more bang for your buck.

Facebook shared these statistics from two of their beta release advertisers:

  • was able to reduce their cost per customer by 39 percent using conversion measurement.
  • The Democratic Governors’ Association decreased their cost per mailing list signup by 85%.

Click here to learn more about Facebook’s announcement and click here to learn more about how Bann can increase your digital marketing return.

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Should an e-Book Be a Part of your Digital Strategy?

E-books can be a great source of marketing power. There are many ways to use them, but first let’s look at how an e-book is born.

First comes the great idea! It is going to have your name on it. Make it good!  The perpetuity of the Internet should spur you to want to produce nothing but the best. Find out what your target audience values and fill that need for them.  Choose one of your subjects of expertise and produce a primer about it. Research your idea as well as you can to ensure you have a market.

Next, write, write, edit and rewrite. Whether you do the writing yourself or hire a ghostwriter, there is no shortcut for getting it all down on paper (so-to-speak). If you choose to write yourself, at least hire a professional editor.  Even professional writers use professional editors. They are there for a reason. You should also consider a professional cover designer, depending on your budget and audience.

We won’t go into all the technical considerations here of choosing a format, but this decision will also be dictated by budget and where your target audience is likely to be found. If you are planning to give your e-book away as a value-add item you may choose to use something as simple as a PDF file that can be accessed with a password on your website.

Ok, your e-book is written, edited, formatted and ready for world domination. Now what? Here are three super-useful things to do with your new digital progeny.

  • 1. Tit for tat

The consumer gives you something. You give them something. Offer your e-book as an incentive to drive subscriptions to your e-mail newsletter or simply encourage visitors to register on your website. If you have done your homework and your book topic offers value, you will see subscription numbers rise.

  • 2. Bonus with purchase

The tried-and-true bonus with purchase is a great way to use your e-book. Provide a compelling excerpt from your e-book and offer it conveniently with any purchase from your website. If your business transactions happen outside of the Internet, provide buyers with a unique url or a card with a QR code to access their bonus e-book. You can even customize urls with customer names or logos.

  • 3. Limited time access

By all means limit the time that your e-book will be available and build some buzz. If your first attempt really hits the mark, consider creating a second edition and launching that at a later carefully planned time.

E-books are a great way to demonstrate expertise and provide real value for customers. Once you have one in hand, you will find new and unexpected ways to make them work for you.

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The Power of Local Checkmate

Local Checkmate is a recipe. When you bake a cake, and follow the recipe exactly as written, you should get tasty results.  Things work the same way online. After doing this for 15+ years, we’ve learned a few things; strategies and tactics that continue to work regardless of the latest digital marketing trends or platforms.

Local Checkmate is made up of over 17 strategies, 34 tactics and 220+ individual tasks.  It’s a complete, proven recipe for absolute local domination in Google+Bing LocalYahoo Local and the organic results in all three.

The sheer magnitude of the digital footprint created over a 6-month period simply can’t be matched by your competitors. 

It’s like having the secret Coca Cola recipe. No one can reproduce it in exactly the same way and achieve the same results. Without the precise recipe, it’s simply not possible.

Competitive Advantage – Our Edge

We compete online. We do something that works to “sell more stuff” for our clients online. In order to win, we need an edge.

What’s our edge?

  1. Our experience. We’ve been at this longer than most of the United States has had high speed internet.
  2. Our experience. We’ve tested and tested and tested our recipe. It works.
  3. Our processes. Every baker needs processes or steps they follow with precision and confidence. This process of winning, becomes habit over time.
  4. Our toolkit. One cannot execute a recipe if he/she does not have the proper tools to do so. Sure, the same recipe can be executed using hand-powered tools, but using power tools, the final product comes out faster and taste better…unless we’re talking about shortbread.
  5. Our curiosity. We question our own recipes in this new digital landscape weekly. Change is good. Change is constant. We’re curious about the nature of change and how it affects our work.

Here’s a great example of complete local search domination.

Local Checkmate works.


Any local business can absolutely dominate their space online.  One can only be defeated by a lack of action.

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