Webkey – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a webkey?

Our connect-to-web Paper Webkey is new to the US and North America markets. It has proven a very effective marketing tool in Europe and other world markets. It is a Nano-chip embedded into a paper or plastic holder. You plug it into the USB Drive of any computer (Mac or PC) and it instantly takes you to a Marketers desired on-line content… Landing page, video, e-commerce site, product demo, Contest page and more.  There is no typing needed on your part you just plug it in and it takes you where you need to go. It is an effective way to engage current clients or prospects resulting in more conversions. The Webkey is tied to our tracking platform which is available on the backend to help measure your results. The Webkey is a great tool to increase digital interaction!

So I just plug it in and the key automatically takes me to a website , landing page or video?

Yes based on the specific goal of you the marketer. We can direct the unique ID to the URL of your choosing. And since it is interactive, we can change the URL based on your prospects most recent interactions with you. Basically that means if your prospect plugs the key in and engages negatively, indifferently or positively you will know it and can change the URL based on how they engaged. Perhaps most importantly, the webkey can help track and measure the actions of the people who receive and use it, helping to drive insights into the minds of the prospects and marketers  alike!

So I can send a unique webkey to any or everyone in my database?

Yes, we can variably print  each piece from your supplied file, based on the market segmentation within your data base.  We will then match each printed piece with the Unique  ID on the webkey chip and provide clients a record so when a key gets plugged in they will know who it was, when it was plugged in, how many visits, any exit pages visited and more This allows for very sophisticated tracking data.

If it goes into a USB drive can my computer get infected by a virus from it?

No, our paper Webkey is a read only devise as it is not a memory devise such as a flashdrive. Our paper Webkey is really no different than your mouse & keyboard it cannot hold enough characters to carry a virus. Thus it is reliable, safe and private. Further we are looking at adding the MacAfee safe logo as the tracking software that provides the analytics has been deemed to be completely safe as well.

How might a company distribute a webkey to their prospects?

The beauty of the webkey is that you have distribution options. You can send them thru the US mail  as a postcard where the flap can be tabbed over or if not mailable as a postcard we recommend using a clear envelope so as to get the full visual of the product and the offer. It can also be distributed by hand, possibly as a business card or as a tradeshow handout. Since it can be die-cut into any shape or size it can be very visually engaging. Finally it can be inserted directly into a magazine, catalog, or trade journal. Making it a great digital advertising piece where it can and will be tracked answering those all important ROI questions.

How is this different from me just employing a  PURL?

Although it basically is a PURL(Personalized URL). A PURL for those that might not know is a personalized URL or landing page. But the Webkey is really a PURL on steroids. With a Purl you are dealing with static text and are being asked to physically type in a long string of characters on to your keyboard. The webkey can be designed to visually get your attention and then place in your hand. The engagement level rises significantly because of the tactile nature of the tool. The world wide open rates that have reached 18-25% thus far, speak to its effectiveness.

How is a webkey different from a QR code? 

Both again drive you to a Specific URL and can be valuable marketing tactics. The QR code has the disadvantage of requiring you to first , have a smart phone and then secondly you need to have the reading software loaded on your smart phone.  While the smart phone is great for an instant coupon type offer, its small view area makes it less efficient then working on a PC. With The Webkey you have the advantage of a physical piece in your hand and then being driven to a generally larger screen where more interaction can and will take place.

As a direct marketer why should I care about a paper webkey? 

A paper Webkey is all about increased conversions thru higher open and engagement rates. It combines two marketing channels, print and on-line for a synergistic approach. Open rates have been from 18-25%. Those are crazy #’s. Now granted you still need good copy and a strong offer but if you have a product/service you want to get some traction with, we think this is the best interactive digital tool in the marketplace today. Our motto is to TEST- Measure-Modify. This interactive tool allows you to constantly work on those factors. Truly fantastic!!

Where I can I get a paper webkey?

First off, you need to be made aware that the Webkey is the patent protected product of Intermed Asia. Here in North America you can only get it from 3 Exclusive Master Distributors. Bann Business Solutions Based in St Paul, MN, BI Worldwide of MPLS and Ipak out of New Jersey. Bann and BI are co marketing under the www.Connect-to-web.US  banner. IPAK can also market the webkey but only in the Government, educational publishing and Pharmaceutical markets. Bann and BI can sell to any current clients in those aforementioned verticals and have complete control over all other verticals.

Why do I see other advertisement for Webkeys, are there pirate providers? How can I tell if my Webkey is legitimate?

Yes you can find advertisements by these pirate manufactures on-line. Just know that any company that deals with them are in violation and may be subject to fines and penalties. As master distributors the 3 licensed re-sellers can sell to other distributors but those providers would also insist on the same mandatory marks; There are 2 things you can look for to best insure you are dealing with a licensed provider; Basically, if your webkey does not have the Connect-to web logo or the patent # printed on it then you most likely are in violation again opening yourself and your clients to fines and penalties.

Where do you manufacture your web keys?

We proudly print and assemble the Webkey in the USA. The Nano Chips are manufactured in Taiwan shipped and inventoried in bulk here in the United States. We only work with licensed manufacturing partners. One of which is an accredited WBE supplier. As was previously mentioned there has been some pirate manufacturing going on. Some have falsely claimed full domestic production which is simply not the truth!  Please know if you choose to work with a pirate manufacturer you would be opening yourself and any prospective clients to fines and penalties. While we have the option to produce overseas we have chosen not to do so. WE realize that our unique marketing strategy of providing VDP tied to a unique ID on the Chip means that our clients will be providing valuable database information with us. Not many marketers would or should be willing to share their database to an unsecured 3rd party in an oversees country. Please know that we would never allow that!

How long do they take to produce?

While the actual production is only 2-3 weeks depending on the finished size and order quantity of the webkey. You must keep in mind that there can be a lot of thought and strategy that goes into this on the front end. The webkey is an innovative marketing tool and should be surrounded with a great deal of marketing strategy. That is where  the foundation for our true differentiate comes from. No one, Pirate manufacturer or not can match the quality of product or the depth of database marketing strategies that we offer. Make sure you ask us about BUD and analytical platforms.

What are the costs for a paper webkey and can I get them cheaper from these pirate manufacturers?

Cost will vary depending on webkey size, quantity, and the marketing strategy behind the key. Our prices are less then what you can find from low quality manufactures who pay no heed to laws or patents. Regardless of price the real question is Value. No one has the the total package of quality of product, marketing strategy, and analytics. All that and no worries of fines and penalties!

So what exactly determines the cost of my webkey?

There are several factors that determine the exact cost of your webkey. Your unique database makeup, strategy, material production, digital production, metric tools, and the quantity of webkeys desired are all elements that modify the price of your webkey package.

What about Quality?

Quality can be a huge issue as can the strategy behind the webkey. That is why it is so important to only work with a licensed representative! AS I mentioned there are pirate re-sellers and manufacturers. I won’t list them here but make sure you ask your re-seller to include the connect-to-web logo or patent number pre-printed on the piece or you’re asking for trouble. The real issue even more then the quality of the chip or the printed piece is the quality of the strategy behind this marketing tool. The truth is no supplier pirate or not can create the strategy, design the graphics, offer a 1-2-1 variable printed piece matched to a unique ID on the individual chip like our team can.

Tell me about the tracking platform?

It’s easy and simple. You will be given a username and password for the login. Once logged-in, you will instantly see the real time analytics data. Such as; the specific unique ID, the # of times opened, the IP address listing city, state (point of origin) of your prospect (visitor), the platform they are using etc… You also can generate Unique ID reports daily, weekly, and monthly.

In general, you can collect the real time analytics at any time. You can then overlay these analytics with other website tracking tools like Google Analytics to further define your campaigns effectiveness. If we host the microsite the paper webkey goes to we can provide full analytics of each unique web session your cliietns or prospects take part in.

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