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Reputation Management: The Obvious Problems You Probably Never Thought Of


Knowing what to do in regards to managing your reputation and knowing what problems arise are two very different things.  In order to succeed, you must be aware in what to watch out for.

There are some minor problems that arise with watching out what shows up online in regards to your business.  Sometimes an individual with various changes in employment can be confusing, hard to nail down, and look irresponsible.  Name changes can also become issues because, except for a social security number, it’s hard to connect content to two different names.  Luckily, some websites such as Facebook allow for two names for those who remarry while in the middle of promoting themselves.

Next on the scale of obvious problems is falsifying information, especially profiles.  Sometimes, a disgruntled former employee can pose as a current one and slander a company or a hacker can try and dismember a crew from the inside.  Any false information no matter how true it is made to seem can tear apart a company’s reputation.  As long as it is believable, it can grow and act as a virus, infecting the minds of current and future clients.

Complaint/hate sites and negative news coverage can be an even bigger problem.  When a person of importance gives a negative critique, it can literally spell catastrophe for a business.  A series of hate filled comments can be a strong message to users to stay away, whether they believe them or not.  If people see that negativity and possibly danger of harassment follows a company, they will stay away just to avoid difficulty.  If a journalist or news anchor gets a bad feeling about a company or writes a bad review, they success rate a business could severely drop.

Finally, and quite possibly the most obvious, are scandals within a company, especially the ones that are covered on multiple sites.  Although some believe that even bad media coverage is still promoting their business because their name is being heard, it doesn’t mean that in the long run, the company will survive.  It isn’t difficult to avoid company scandals or even the release of such information, but it would be better to have little views of good merit than thousands of slanderous rumors from obsessed gossip fiends.
It’s important to keep the problems in mind when starting to create a good reputation or repairing one that needs a good update.  Avoiding these issues will create smoother transitions when expanding and selling comes into play.

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