You have landed. Now you can launch.

Find out how you can gain competitive advantage in a connected world.

Nectere is a data launch pad for true cross-channel marketing campaigns, using advanced Global Universal ID technology to track and measure interactions across media.

Web Intelligence

Audit competitor website traffic and top keywords then capture increased share of market

URL Remarketing

Deliver banner ads to people who just visited your competitors’ website pages

Keyword Remarketing

Deliver banner ads to people using your competitors’ top keywords

Web Key Initiator

Embed a microchip into printed material that connects via USB to a website or landing page

Digital Direct Mail

Target banner ads to households and businesses—can be combined with direct mail to optimize response

Social Media

Build brand awareness within communities while capturing leads with relevant offers

SEO Lift

Improve SEO cost-efficiency with Nectere Lift—you don’t pay if you don’t rank

Data Services

List sourcing/enhancement: geo-demographic overlays, scoring, cross-media appends (street address to IP, email and cell phone). Customer profiling, segmentation, predictive modeling. Response analysis/reporting, ROI projection.

Strategy/Creative Services

Campaign planning mapped to sales funnel/buying cycle. Content and design for banner ads, landing pages, fulfillment. Metrics for testing and measuring.

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