Enrollment Fuel


A fresh & innovative new approach to finding and targeting prospective university students

Enrollment Fuel is a conversion focused process for university recruiting that brings together different new ef logoknowledge, tools and technologies to continually rate and re-rate students’ interest based on their online behavior throughout the recruiting process.   The efficiency and accuracy that prospects can be rated and reached using Enrollment Fuel is unprecedented in the industry.

How it works

Enrollment Fuel uses a wide array of tools such as geo-demographic data analysis, predictive modeling, behavioral analytics and data purchasing to find an initial list of viable candidates.  Throughout the recruiting process, Enrollment Fuel reaches out to prospective students with a coordinated cross channel campaign, which combines more traditional channels like direct mail and email with an innovative new technology called digital direct mail.  Digital direct mail gives an institution the capability to place banner ads on the computers of perspective students based on the physical address they are associated with.  Enrollment Fuel aggregates information about prospects’ interactions with every channel that is used to reach them and uses this information to assign each prospect a score which indicates their interest, that is constantly updated with each point of contact.

What We Can Do For You

Enrollment fuel offers the services of seasoned cross channel marketing professionals, as well as experienced university admissions professionals with a deep war chest of cutting edge technology at their disposal.   Enrollment Fuel will help guide prospective students from indifferent to enrolled, while ensuring that students who are right for your institution are targeted saving you time and resources.

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