Paid Ads


Are pay-per-click or other online paid advertising campaigns really worth the investment? Do people even pay attention to online ads these days? Absolutely! But there is a caveat.

Many digital marketing campaigns simply scatter ads here and there, hoping that somewhere, somehow, one of them will draw in a customer for a few bucks worth of sales.

We at Bann know better. The secret is determining exactly where to place those ads, and only using ads that are designed to grab hold of and keep the attention of your target audience. We only employ the best methods in ad development and inbound marketing, so the returns on that investment are guaranteed.

Pay-per-click advertising using Google Adwords, Yahoo or Bing ad networks takes hours of research and that’s just spent getting a truly optimized campaign setup. Once setup and running, it can take a few weeks to gather enough data to begin to optimize it further. Once dialed in, we drill down even further and squeeze out every ounce of ROI we can.