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Fast Facts About New Movers

Who are New Movers?

The average average mover is a part of a couple, age 25-44, with 1-2 kids between ages 2-11.

  • 42% of new movers are Millennials
  • 56% of new movers are Renters
  • 44% of new movers are Home-owners

New Movers are Big Spenders

  • New movers account for over $200┬ábillion in annual spending
  • New movers spend over $9000 in the 30 days before and after moving
  • New movers are 4x more likely to try a new brand
  • The basket size of new movers is 3x bigger than non-movers
  • New movers are 90% more┬álikely to become repeat customers

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  1. These updates give a significant loss to the general budget. However, such movers can improve the costs. This may be the reason to try a new brand.

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