Digital New Movers

Bann Business Solutions’ newest online marketing tool allows companies to specifically target households planning on moving, in the process of moving, or that have recently moved. With fast and effective digital marketing techniques, your company will reach potential clients much faster than any of your competition.

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The New Mover Industry

The new mover industry results in over $200 billion in spending each year.

The average moving household spends $8,700 in the 60 day moving window.

For new movers, there is a 90% likelihood for repeat business.

Digital New Movers allows you to reach these potential customers within hours, compared to other companies’ direct mail which may take days. Being the first company new movers see is crucial for attracting new customers. With our faster and more accurate marketing, your company will have the edge to turn new movers into returning customers.
For an example of just how effective our marketing technique can be, read our case study here: Post New-Movers Pest Control Case Study

Digital New Movers can individually target three types of mover.

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With our specific IP targeting, you can select one, two, or all three types to target.
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What We Do

Bann Business Solutions uses IP targeting software to identify Pre-Movers, Escrow, and Post-Movers. We then use online marketing to ensure your target demographic views your advertisement.

All We Need From You

All you need to do to instantly start reaching your target consumers is select a 6 or 12-month package, submit creatives and select the area you would like to market in.

Don’t Have Creatives?

Bann Business Solutions has experts that can create creatives for your company that are sure to be effective.

The Bann Advantage

Bann’s Digital New Movers program utilizes offline data to identify and locate new movers. Most digital advertising companies uses cookies, which are highly subject to fraud and often inaccurate. With our software, we can place your ad directly into the household that just moved with IP targeting.

Stay Competitive

Today, more and more businesses are utilizing online marketing tools. Bann Business Solutions can make sure your company stays competitive in the online marketing environment.