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Campaigns & Elections Expo

Our very own, Mike Bann was a speaker at the Campaigns & Elections Expo in Washington, D.C. He spoke about the latest digital and direct mail best practices. The conference was held on June, 16th 2016.
Campaigns&Elections Expo 2016

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Kelly Services Case Study

Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of helping Kelly Services define their markets. Take a look at the case study to learn more!

Kelly Services Case Study

Paper Webkey Press Release

Trackable digital marketing through paper-based plug-in device

offered by Bridgz Marketing Group, Bann Business Solutions


Plug-in “Connect-to-Web” TM device for USB ports can be packaged in paper flyers, brochures, mailers.


Minneapolis, Minn – June 18th, 2012 – A patent pending “Connect-to-Web” branded device that tracks and measures customer actions can now be delivered in a direct mailer, brochure, magazine insert, or trade show handout through an exclusive distribution agreement announced by Bridgz Marketing Group of Minneapolis and Bann Business Solutions in St. Paul. Once the webkey device is connected to a USB port, the computer’s browser automatically opens to the marketer’s online content: Landing page, e-commerce site, product demo, website, contest page, survey or social media page.

The two marketing services organizations have North American distribution rights for the device, which provides high levels of customer online engagement coupled with comprehensive measurement of those customer interactions.

According to Jim Bergeson, CEO of Bridgz Marketing Group, a BI WORLDWIDE Company, “This device is a thing of beauty for those of us who believe in customer-centric marketing because of its ability to track the precise actions of the people who receive and use it.”

The device plugs into any computer’s USB port, with some important advantages:

  • Packaging in a paper tab that can be spot-glued or inserted into a perforated punch-out in a postcard, flyer or magazine insert, providing an opportunity to brand the plug-in with an organization’s design scheme or logo ;
  • Coding to measure and track the actions of each discreet customer as he or she uses the plug-in to enter a website or landing page;
  • Immediately connecting online to websites, videos, assembly instructions, warranty information, and more;
  • Case studies in other parts of the world indicate an open-and-respond rate far exceeding similar mailings without the device.

Mike Bann, Partner of Bann Business Solutions, says, “Through our packaging technology, marketers now have the opportunity to package a small, thin webkey into a paper ‘handle’ that can become a perforated, punch-out, or glued-in feature of any paper product you can imagine.”

The technology was developed by Intermed Asia Ltd, a Hong Kong-based technology company specializing in advertising and promotional media. The technology has been used most extensively in the pharmaceuticals industry, where seven of the world’s 12 largest manufacturers used it for providing easy-to-access educational content on new drugs for doctors and patients, as well as a means of attracting customers.

Bergeson says, “We’re excited because for each and every recipient of one of these webkeys, we have the capability to measure customers’ interaction with it and we can respond with offers, coupons, or highly relevant information. The capability for data analytics of customer relationships is breathtaking.”

“This takes guesswork out of the performance of direct mail; you can measure your ROI on a real-time basis,” says Bergeson. “Gone are the days of hoping that a prospective customer will remember to use the URL in a direct mailer or ad. Because the customer is allured by the webkey , now we’ll know exactly how deeply they interact with the information, which sets the table for the next level of communication.”

Bann says marketers have dozens of applications for this trackable technology, including handing out trade show information in the form of a business card containing the webkey, achieving higher response rates on mailed client satisfaction surveys, improving warranty registrations with new products, or digital connections from sales brochures.


Bridgz Marketing Group, based in Minneapolis, creates customer-centric marketing strategies and campaigns for its clients.  Bridgz is a BI WORLDWIDE company and a member of the ICOM global network of independent advertising and marketing communications companies spanning more than 50 countries.  More at

St. Paul-based Bann Business Solutions is a provider of integrated marketing, print, promotional and office products. More at


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