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Fast Facts About New Movers

Who are New Movers?

The average average mover is a part of a couple, age 25-44, with 1-2 kids between ages 2-11.

  • 42% of new movers are Millennials
  • 56% of new movers are Renters
  • 44% of new movers are Home-owners

New Movers are Big Spenders

  • New movers account for over $200 billion in annual spending
  • New movers spend over $9000 in the 30 days before and after moving
  • New movers are 4x more likely to try a new brand
  • The basket size of new movers is 3x bigger than non-movers
  • New movers are 90% more likely to become repeat customers

Want to learn how your business can target new movers, click here.

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Campaigns & Elections Expo

Our very own, Mike Bann was a speaker at the Campaigns & Elections Expo in Washington, D.C. He spoke about the latest digital and direct mail best practices. The conference was held on June, 16th 2016.
Campaigns&Elections Expo 2016

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Are you Utilizing Marketing Automation Effectively?

Should marketing automation be seen as a tool rather than a solution?   As you may know, modern marketing automation entails utilizing and integrating multiple channels (social media, landing pages, email, CRM, etc.) to more efficiently reach a desired target audience.  However, can this technology really be purchased as an effective product from a customer base possessing no prior exposure to it?

Mike Templeman from Forbes argues that it cannot.  He goes on to explain that many customers need assistance with this complicated technology, and that many marketing automation software providers do not supply enough guidance in business’ implementation and use of these products.  He claims that, as a result, this technology has proven more a tool than a solution.

Tool: Something that is helpful, but requires the right experience/knowledge.

Solution: Something that is helpful, and when purchased can be used without prior experience.

Mr. Templeman claims that software companies do a great job at developing new and innovative technologies, but do not invest enough in the human capital necessary to respond to a customer base that has no experience with the steps needed in using this technology to develop a successful campaign.  This lack ofBann Social responsiveness on the customer service side has left many customers frustrated with marketing automation all together.  This is why in recent years there has been a shift to software companies relying on partner agencies who can aid in the implementation and development of a campaign utilizing newer technology.  Mr. Templeman argues that for marketing automation to be successful, it should be sold as a service and product rather than solely the latter.  We at Bann Business Solutions agree.  We can provide you the expertise and knowledge necessary in rendering this helpful tool into a solution.


Thank you to Mike Templeman for providing the reference article!

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Should You Stick to Counting Ad Clicks?

Suppose that your business is in the process of running a digital marketing campaign.  As a measure of its success, your main concern should be with the amount of clicks you have generated, right?

Well, as digital marketers have learned over the years, this is not always the best way to measure the success of your campaign.  Stacy Griggs from el toro shares a similar viewpoint in his article, “Click Through Rates—Are You Getting All You Can?”.

Specifically, he mentions how clicks are often times inadvertmouseclickent—online users can often be “baited” into clicking something that they are not actually interested in, or, often, can accidentally click on an ad when trying to exit out of it.  So, although clicks may at first glance seem appealing, they do not always accurately measure the success of your efforts.


Are Clicks Useless?

Although click through rates are not always the most reliable measurement, this does not deem them as useless.  They can be used to measure how a change in your campaign causes an increase/decrease in overall interest.  Most importantly, they can be used to infer what form of advertising, along with what type of content, is the most effective in capturing the interest of your audience.

Therefore you should indeed seek to increase your click through rates.  This can be done through, as Griggs wrote, “having the best possible message placed in the best possible outlet.”  Griggs highlighted that his company is particularly successful in this because they are able to target their audience at an individual level.  As you may know, our technology allows us to do this as well– in a truly innovative way.  We can help you reach and actively respond at the individual level using our products Digital Direct Mail and Enrollment Fuel.

An increase in clicks, however, does not imply a successful campaign in and of itself.  If a change to your campaign causes an increase in supposed interest, but does not lead to an improvement in conversion rates, you should not mark this as a success.  After all, the point of an online ad is to generate a boost in sales.


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USPS trying their hand at new channels

A New Frontier for the USPS

The United States Postal Service is entering the second phase of testing for a new system that sends customers an email consisting of pictures of the mail they will receive each morning.  Specific to the marketing industry, there will also be an option for mailers to add interactive elements to these emails, which can be paired with their physical direct mail.  Theoretically, a USPS campaign which pairs a digital interactive element with physical direct mail sounds like it could rival an integrated campaign of Digital Direct Mail and physical direct mail from Bann Business Solutions.

Shortcomings to Considerjonas mailman

There are several problems for a business who would want to partner with USPS to run one of these campaigns.  The first issue is how the USPS is going to get people to actually open and engage with an email that is nothing more than black and white pictures of the mail that they will receive later in the day.  Digital Direct Mail can achieve the same level of targeting and coordination of digital and physical direct mail, without disrupting a target’s behavior by forcing them to open an email in order to be exposed to the communication.  Another major issue in partnering with the USPS would be the question of how the core competencies of USPS could help in implementing and maintaining a successful marketing campaign.  USPS is great at delivering mail, but has no expertise in marketing.  Partnering with a marketing agency like Bann Business Solutions who can help select channels, have more flexibility in channel selection, and can assist in the strategy and design of the campaign is the obvious choice.  This new service from the USPS is interesting and may be helpful for some consumers, but it will make no splash in a marketing services world saturated with more advanced and more effective options.


information on new services


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