8 Tips to Effectively Target New Movers

 Are you having trouble finding new customers and retaining them? If yes, then maybe you should consider targeting new movers. New movers are often overlooked in marketing efforts, but the new mover industry is very profitable. There are 450 thousand new movers each week nation wide. On average, a new mover spends $8,700 in the eight weeks surrounding their move, making new movers a $200 billion industry.

Timing is crucial when it comes to targeting new movers. Most purchase decisions are made in the 30 days before and after a move.  As new movers are getting acquainted with their new surroundings, your business should be the first they come in contact with.

In her article, “8 Effective New Mover Marketing Secrets”, Jamie Prusinowski shares her insights on how to direct marketing efforts toward new movers. She urges businesses to “ establish brand your brand as the preferred local choice”. Become new movers’ new favorite, “a go-to resource” for them. Whether you specialize in lawn services, home repairs,  or pest control, etc, be the first business to welcome new movers to the neighborhood.

Here are 8 Tips to Effectively Target New Movers:

  1. Identify your objectives and strategy
  2. Identify the types of new movers you want to target
  3. Identify your target area
  4. Identify your target message
  5. Be generous-Offer first time customers discounts
  6. Establish trust
  7. Stay ahead of the competition
  8. Listen to your customers and adjust

Want to learn more about how to target new movers?  Learn about our Digital New Movers program.

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Fast Facts About New Movers

Who are New Movers?

The average average mover is a part of a couple, age 25-44, with 1-2 kids between ages 2-11.

  • 42% of new movers are Millennials
  • 56% of new movers are Renters
  • 44% of new movers are Home-owners

New Movers are Big Spenders

  • New movers account for over $200 billion in annual spending
  • New movers spend over $9000 in the 30 days before and after moving
  • New movers are 4x more likely to try a new brand
  • The basket size of new movers is 3x bigger than non-movers
  • New movers are 90% more likely to become repeat customers

Want to learn how your business can target new movers, click here.

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National Industry Average Click Through Rates

At Bann Business Solutions we are often asked about industry average click through rates. Formerly, click through rates have been the quintessential KPI (key performance indicator) of digital advertising campaigns and the difference between perceived success or failure. In the past, digital marketers have used behavioral and conditional targeting through the use of cookies to predict their ideal demography’s online presence. While this method has been useful in the past, it is also used nefariously at the expense of marketing budgets to defraud companies; an online presence can be easily fabricated to exploit marketing campaigns when users are targeted by cookie data.  So, while a campaign may be performing above or below the national average CTR for its industry, this performance statistic is not the last stop in measuring campaign success.

The goal of digital advertising through ZMOT logic (Zero Moment of Truth) is to gain a customer’s loyalty before they have even entered the market. The push is that a person would be most likely to choose your brand the next time they are in the market, which isn’t traditionally tracked during the life of a campaign. If only there was a way to leverage offline sales data to track the success of an online advertising campaign even after it’s ended… Now there is! Bann Business Solutions working in partnership with El Toro can target households by IP address using offline data as the basis, targets can be traced all the way through to conversion even if the conversion happens offline, because someone who clicked may never convert, and someone who converted may not have clicked.

Bann Business Solutions’ qualification of campaign success is defined through the use of a Match-Back Analysis, which compares post-campaign sales data with the provided list of households or businesses that were provided before the campaign launch for targeting. Similar to a direct mail list, we serve ad impressions to the households we know we can target, and compare those in the list whom we are able to target and those whom we are not able to target. Our technology is proven in the comparison of the targeted audience and the non-targeted customer list. To learn more about our cookie-free Digital New Movers technology, email or call us at (651)224-5135.

Below are the National Industry Average Click through rates according to Rich Media Gallery’s benchmark tool ranging from January 2015 to June 2016.


Campaigns & Elections Expo

Our very own, Mike Bann was a speaker at the Campaigns & Elections Expo in Washington, D.C. He spoke about the latest digital and direct mail best practices. The conference was held on June, 16th 2016.
Campaigns&Elections Expo 2016

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Digital New Movers

Bann Business Solutions is proud to present its latest marketing tool, Digital New Movers. This technology is the world’s first hyper-targeted system for engaging New Movers. In the past, it has been almost impossible to identify someone as a New Mover. Now, with Digital New Movers you can target new movers instantly.

Why Target New Movers
New Movers is a $20 Billion industry
Every month 1.8 million people nationwide buy, sell, or move into a new home.
The average New Mover spends $8,700 in the 60 day moving window.
For new movers there is a 90% likelihood of repeat business.

The New Mover Profile
Digital New Movers targets potential customers in three stages of the moving process.

Pre-Movers “I’m selling my house”

Escrow “I have just sold my house, but haven’t moved yet.”

Post-Mover “I just moved in.”

How it Works
Digital New Movers can detect which homes are considered “New Movers” and automatically places ads on their computers without using cookies. It’s really simple, just pick zip code you want to target, load your ads, and go.

For more information contact:

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