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8 Tips to Effectively Target New Movers

 Are you having trouble finding new customers and retaining them? If yes, then maybe you should consider targeting new movers. New movers are often overlooked in marketing efforts, but the new mover industry is very profitable. There are 450 thousand new movers each week nation wide. On average, a new mover spends $8,700 in the eight weeks surrounding their move, making new movers a $200 billion industry.

Timing is crucial when it comes to targeting new movers. Most purchase decisions are made in the 30 days before and after a move.  As new movers are getting acquainted with their new surroundings, your business should be the first they come in contact with.

In her article, “8 Effective New Mover Marketing Secrets”, Jamie Prusinowski shares her insights on how to direct marketing efforts toward new movers. She urges businesses to “ establish brand your brand as the preferred local choice”. Become new movers’ new favorite, “a go-to resource” for them. Whether you specialize in lawn services, home repairs,  or pest control, etc, be the first business to welcome new movers to the neighborhood.

Here are 8 Tips to Effectively Target New Movers:

  1. Identify your objectives and strategy
  2. Identify the types of new movers you want to target
  3. Identify your target area
  4. Identify your target message
  5. Be generous-Offer first time customers discounts
  6. Establish trust
  7. Stay ahead of the competition
  8. Listen to your customers and adjust

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